Gallery wood floor

Wood floor color options.

Under you see tabs, which you can open, where you can look at one technique item at the time setup on one kind of wood. You can click on the color and the picture appears bigger. To get a full screen picture, click on the square at left hand corner upstairs, after you click the picture for the first time.To see the name of the design, just move your mouse over the picture and not click.

Gallery wooden floors designs

In this gallery wood floor section you will see around 70% of our wood floor options to modify or color your wood with different techniques. The gallery wood floor tries to feed you with a first impression or memory support when you saw our wood in real. Each tab under represent one kind of wood with their options in designs.

Under you will see design options in the gallery wood floor. The gallery wood floor is divided into two sections:

  • Oak wood floor gallery
  • Fine line gallery
  • other wood gallery

It is good that one understand a few things about coating before sniffle around in the gallery wood floor.

  • Top coat, a special pore sealer with a spotless system to it, this transparent coating will protect your color as well it closes the pores of wood so dirt and water cannot enter the wood. Maintenance and a repair is very easy, just some liquid on the spot, wipe it a little and let it dry.
  • Smoke designs, fumigation techniques are used to modify the color of wood. See what we can do with is! Modification of wood by chemicals are also options to do.
  • Poly Urethane (PU), a classic strong lacquer technique, most used for commercial purposes, but than again, you should study the easy repair options of a top coat since PU is not that easy to repair. Most of the time PU is sand down and re-applied.



If you touches the picture with your mouse, the name of the design will appear.

Top coat (tc) coating

oak-merbau TC
oak-afzelia TC
oak-dark-oak TC
oak-camel TC
oak-white100 TC
oak-teak TC
oak-coffee TC
oak-white50 TC
oak-dark-walnut TC
oak-exotic TC
oak-wenge TC
oak-natural TC
oak-ebony TC
oak-walnut TC
oak-cherry TC
oak-iroko TC

Smoked oak options

oak light smoke TC
oak dark smoke TC
oak carbonized smoke TC
oak distressed brush TC

Fine line options.

fine-line-ashAsh fine line
fine line ash PU
fine-line-maples ucupira
fine line maples sucupira PU
fine line oak mix wood PU
fine line oak PU
fine line mix red wood PU

Other wood options,

see the link on the names to their main page.

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