Brown Maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Brown maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring summary; This wood is quite strong and is a wood that is stronger than oak wood. It is very medium priced and have a color pattern that is typical for Brown maple Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Brown maple has no visible sap wood.


Brown maple as wood species is harder than European oak wood. It is a wood with it’s own character that is harvest from the maple tree in the areas of Canada and North America.

The maple tree is cut in strips and the real white ones are separate from the white with brown ones.
The white brown colors in the wood gives it a expressive atmosphere and will be present itself strong in your home.

As we produce brown maple wooden floors in the engineered version, it is quite less expensive compared with the solid maple timber and will be in the same value is an oak floor so call it a medium expensive floor..

The grain of white maple is very specific, the curly move of the grain and its slim appearance and the white brown background makes is a wood with a strong attitude that for sure gives a touch to the interior.

Brown maple engineered floors are produces in a 2mm top layer on 12mm plywood or with a 4mm top layer on a 15mm plywood. The most sold width is 18cm wide boards.

Brown maple strong 80%
Reference soft wood like pine and spruce, strong  50%

Our advice is to coat Brown Maple with a little whitewash coating, this way the wood keeps it’s bright colors and not turn to heavy yellow in the future.


The choice of coating is important to conserve the white color in the brown maple. This specific contrast makes this wood worth while. Coatings will have the habit to turn yellow over the years. If the yellow color should be reduced, natural oils like urethane and oxidative are not a good options to use.

We suggest to start with an oil that has a little white in it like, white 50 or white 25. Over this color one can choose our polymer tech coating or a heavy traffic poly urethane lacquer finishing.

As we can modify oak and other wood in many colors and even chemical modify it, the color range you can use with brown maple wooden floors are limited. In fact, to stain this wood or change it’s color is hardly ask by anyone although we have the techniques to do so. The original color is what people request from us with this wood and especially to conserve the white color only. So the advise for an engineered brown maple wooden floor is, keep the color as is is and make it a little more white if you like and keep the wood as it is.

The fact that brown maple is strong and have a great appearance as wood, you will find brown maple wood in luxury designed furniture, tables and even you find this wood back in the kitchen industry. Especially the brown mountain looks great if dining tables are made from it.


  • Can use on floor heating.
  • Can color nice in soft white wash.
  • Can use top coat protection.
  • Can not be in a smoked design.
  • PU lacquer will enhance strength of the top
  • Harder than oak wood
  • Brown maple has visible sap wood
  • Dark and light colors are mix
  • Keep up the maintenance protocols
  • It has a strong color contrast
  • Available in grades A and AB
  • Harvest in USA and Canada
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