Engineered Oak Wood Flooring


Summary: Engineered oak wood flooring comes with many options. Engineered oak wood floors are one of the most requested wooden floors these days. Under you will see the different possibilities that will lead you through engineered oak wood flooring. We hope you will find your engineered oak wood floor with us.


are one of the most popular wooden floors these days. Arrow Wood produces them in many varieties en shows you in our block, on this page, what different products you can choose from. Without overestimate, we can make easy more than 200 designs with all the options. We produce solid oak floors and engineered oak floors. We produce European oak wood floors and American oak wood flooring in engineered and solid. Stand still by the fact that engineered oak wood floorboards can also be used to make excellent stair steps since we can produce than out of one piece to a width of 33cm.

Regarding the different options in Engineered oak wood floors, you can choose old or distressed oak wood floors, fine line oak wood floors, and smoked oak flooring.

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