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We are looking for Engineered Wood Flooring Wholesale Distributors Retailers

Arrow Wood Co. LTD is a BOI certified company located in Thailand, around 200km south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.

For nearly a decade we are specialized in engineered wood flooring in big width of up to 400mm and long lengths of up to 2600mm. Engineered hardwood flooring is very popular in Northern Europe, due to it’s durability and low price compared to solid hardwood floors. Beside product lines designed for the European market, we have quite a range of Asian ideas mixed with European style finishing techniques and designs.

Quality and support wooden flooring

To consider your possibilities for Engineered Wood Flooring Wholesale Distributors Retailers:

  1. Whole sale, country distributor.
  2. Retail, local area.

For the European market we have a distributor with a warehouse facility in The Netherlands not far from the main port Rotterdam. Wholesale and retail can order direct on Thailand and for emergency orders or just smaller volumes, the product can come from the warehouse in Europe.

Let’s share your ideas so we can customize your requirements and setup a long term relation.

Good English language skills,
local product promotion,
front line support (we will back-end),
basic technical capabilities,
knowledge of the wooden floor market

Apply for selling wooden floors

How to apply for our partnership

It is easy. Just fill out the contact form below. Send us a brief description about your goal for partnership (Distributor/Agent). Provide a description of how our product to include in your current business. Indicate the country you want to be operational. We will review your information and get back to you to start our partnership.

Arrow Wood Display

Get the Arrow Wood Display

Looking for a professional display for engineered wood flooring? Get the Arrow Wood Display for €225!

Included in the price: Metal Stand in your chosen color (Standard: white), Your choice of engineered hardwood flooring samples.

Excluded in the price: Advertising board (we can help to design it), Tax, Import/export duty, Shipping cost.

Engineered Wood Flooring Wholesale Distributors Retailers:

Distributors Europe

Sales Representative for Holland

Bax Houthandel BV
Head Office
Harselaarseweg 77
3771 MA Barneveld
Phone: +31 342 420 880
[email protected]
Bax Houthandel Amsterdam
TT Vasumweg 4AB
Zijstraat van de Klaprozenweg
Tel: 020-4932943
Fax: 020-4932936
[email protected]
Bax Houten Vloeren Engineers
Europalaan 99a
Tel: 030-290 15 95
Fax: 0342-422 566
[email protected]
De Graaf Good Wood Floors
Industrieweg 60
Tel: 079-3436611
Fax: 079-3312911

Distributors Asia

Sales Representative for Thailand

Arrow Action Ltd.
4M13 Huana Saingang Rd,
Tambol Tabtai
Hua Hin, Prachuabkirikhan
77110 Thailand

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