Engineered Wood Flooring Information

engineered wood flooring informationLooking for more engineered wood flooring information? You will also get an insight into how we produce our engineered hardwood flooring. On this page we are presenting some of our essential engineered wood flooring information. We also provide links to pages that go deeper into each subject. We have almost 10 years of experience in manufacturing engineered hardwood flooring. An extensive selection of wood species to produce a low cost – high quality wooden flooring for every budget awaits you. We produce an array of board widths. We offer various finishing oils. Our color selection that is second to none. Our wood flooring truly stands out from the crowd. In short, this page is designed to give you all the engineered wood flooring information you were seeking.


wood flooring treatment1. FLOOR TREATMENT

Our oxidative oil is a simple and nature friendly way of wood finishing. Unique oil colors can be created upon request. Maintaining your wooden flooring is easier with oxidative oil compared to regular oil.

Carbonized colours are made through a carbonisation processes and vary from brown to dark brown and black color. At this moment, carbonized colours are very populair on the European market.

A protective matt topcoat protects the color. It also protects the wood against water and dirt. This topcoat is easy to repair and easy to maintain. Wooden floors protected by topcoat can be used in places likes kitchens and bathrooms!

wood species2. WOOD SPECIES

Among our wood selection you will find wood species such as Afzelia, American Oak, Beech, Brown Maple, Cheery, Goncalo Alves, Damar, European Oak, Ipe, Ivory Beech, Jatoba, Kelat, Macaco, Merbau, Sucupira, Tauari, Walnut, and White Maple wood.

We self-import our wood from all over the world. Only the best and most beautiful wood makes it into one of our engineered hardwood flooring.

Please click here to see photos of the different wood species we use for our wooden flooring. (currently being updated)


flooring sizes3. WOOD FLOORING SIZES

Our engineered wood flooring information page would not be complete without telling you about the various lengths and widths. We can produce wooden flooring in lengths ranging from 90cm to 240cm and widths ranging from 9cm to 40cm.

Please click here to see more details about our wood flooring sizes. (currently being updated)


Sample Deco life decor4. WOODEN FLOORING SURFACES

Have you selected your favorite wood species for your new wooden flooring. You can choose from a range of surface treatments to give your flooring a truly unique look.

We can give your wooden flooring the look of an old yet well maintained wooden floor. You can combine different wood types in a unique layering technique to create a wooden flooring surface exactly to your specifications!

Please click here to see more details about our wood flooring surface options. (currently being updated)

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