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We source and import our wood from all over the world, which enables us to produce almost any style of engineered hardwood flooring you could imagine. All our wooden flooring is produces according to customer specifications. Depending on the finishing applied, our engineered wood products can be used for various applications based on indoor not outdoor. For wooden floor and wooden wall panels, furniture and built in projects as well stair steps.

Are you looking for a timeless and durable alternative to solid wood flooring? Interested to purchase engineered wood flooring? Then please fill out the form below to receive a personalized quote.

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Please use the remark box under if you need any other kind of wood.

2+12 is 2 mm hard wood layer+12mm plywood
This is the size in cm how wide the board needs to be, you will get 1 size only from the range choosen.
Wide/Long floor boards in grade A are only available in limited quantity. Please use the remark box below to inquire about Grade A Production.
(include cut loss 10%)

A protective layer of clear top coating makes the floor spotless and very easy to repair and maintain in a good condition. PU is strong but not easy to repair and oxidative oil is easy to maintain but is recommend to come with a top coat to seal the pores.
Required for tropical climates.
The v-grove is a bevel along the edges of the boards.
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