oxidative oilsOxidative oils

A simple and nature friendly way of wood finishing. Maintenance is done with an easy oil. Colours are multiple and can be made on your request.
White 100 or 50, Grey 100 or 50, Teak, Walnut, Cherry, Dark oak, Dark antique, Ebony, Exotic, Middle smoke, Dark smoke, Wenge.

Oxidative oils makes maintenance much more easy than the regular oils. When scratched, apply a little oil on a piece of cloth, rub it out and you’re done.

White Oak handscraptSmoked, Brushed or handscrapped

The smoke technique is a typical proces for Oak Wood. Medium or dark smoked is possible. Sapwood in the wood will remain light. Colour can be different within the boards due to tanine concentrations.

Other old look techniques are wire brushing and handscrapped. In wire brushed flooring and handscrapped, soft portion of the wood is removed to expose the grain and bring enhanced definition to each plank. Beautiful knots and dramatic oak character marks further emphasize depth and texture of wire brushed flooring.

Old look wooden floorOld looks and stone wash

Beside the basic oak distressed material one can modify any other choice of oak into: Soft Old, Dark Old or Soft Antique. Our Stone Wash design will provide you that specific old white coloured wood. The surface is ruptured due to this.

Correct mixing techniques with stone wash, gray wash or whitewash delivered the desired result of make new wood look old. This techniques can also be used in combination with the smoke, bruching and handscrapped techniques.

carbonized floorsCarbonized colours

The colours due to the carbonise processes varies from brown to dark brown and black. Different techniques are used to get a range of designs.

The thermo treat and combination techniques in this case are important. With the Carbonized technique is a more even coloration obtain. At this moment, carbonized colours are very populair on the European market.

Wood collor mixArrow Wood Deco lines: Star, Evening, Oase, Shade, Sundown

The specific deco’s made by Arrow Wood are not to be found or not easy to be found since these are company designs. All deco’s are based on wood modification so colours are a feeling of nature.

These unique stains provide precisely this desired addition to the wooden floor. It is also important to establish that color secure for a long time. All our deco’s are protect by a matt top coat.

wooden floor topcoatDeco protective matt topcoat

All Arrow Wood deco’s are standard protect by a matt topcoat which is easy to repair and easy to maintenance. By using the topcoat the color is enormous protected. The wooden floor is also better protected against water and dirt. This makes it possible to use the wooden floors in places likes kitchens and bathrooms.

—- You can order the top coat on the all our designs.—-

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