Specialists in engineered 2 layer boards.

About us, Arrow Wood Co. LTD is a Thai company with foreign research and technicians approved by BOI (board of Investment), Thai Industrial Department and the Thai wood department.

The products we made are based on egineered wood techniques, for mainly all in of indoor purposes like flooring, wall, ceiling and furniture as well parts. Our products are an added value to one’s property

With more than 15 years experience, we can serve you with an Euopean export quality product.

Our products are based on a combination of marine plywood combined with a hard wood top layer. The products are suitable for built-in projects like, flooring, wall, ceiling decoration and all kind of furniture ideas. With more than a decade of experiences we are a specialist in engineered 2 layer products.

For all our products we work with WBP glued, E1 plywood based on mix hard and soft wood to profide a good stability. The wooden layers are all glued with D4 glue to get a strong and well produced engineered board.

Arrow Wood has stock in Thailand as well in The Netherlands. Especially for the European
market you can order quite quickly and more flexible.

From big and wide wood with natural grains and eyes to engineered quarter sawn wood and delicate small width
boards. It is up to your request. 3 product ranges offered in different wood and designs:

As an option, all our products can be full protect against termites


Production of big width and long lenght panels

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