Arrow Wood Flooring Guarantee

Our Arrow Wood Flooring Guarantee

As producer of multilayer wide boards, we, Arrow Wood Co LTD,
guarantee our products sold by us our sales representatives.

Guarantee on our products:

Our products have a guarantee of 3 years free replacement of the defective boards on the condition that they are kept within regular indoor conditions with relative humidity not lower than 45% and not higher than 80%. Due to this our products will keep a 8% plus moisture condition. As for exposure to sunlight, the advised maximum is 50 degrees Celsius, if the temperature becomes higher the relative humidity will drop too much and might extract to many and too fast moisture our of the wooden products, this should be avoid, since it can be relate to loss of glue bond and ruptures in the wood. A claim can only be made to replace boards, other claims like installation, loss of time, income or others cannot be made.

Under guarantee are delamination due to not strong enough or not enough volume of glue, for wood/plywood connection or the plywood itself. Not under guarantee are the regular issues that a product of nature can have, like change of color, a crack in the wood or issues that have to do with eyes and filler, within limit of normalities or a splinter/rupture.

Coatings of the flooring have to follow the regular maintenance, if one not know, this can be explained in details at all times. Any problems on what kind so ever should be report by us by mail or letter to minimize the possible damage. Daily use damage, movement of furniture that has no protection under legs, rough treatment, accidents, are not part of guarantee.

Guarantee on termite protection:

Our products have a guarantee of 3 years against loss of function of the flooring board due to termite attacks.

The guarantee is given when our products are sold include termite treatment, if sold without termite treatment there is no guarantee.

To effect the guarantee one must always spray the room(s) with anti-termite chemicals before installation of the Arrow Wood floors. If one install within an existing infected area, there will be no guarantee.

Depreciation rule for all guarantees:

Each year of guarantee will be depreciated with 33,3%. If you have a free replacement in the second year, one pays the depreciation of the sold value of 33.3%. If the replacement is claimed in the third year, one pays 2×33,3%=66,6% of the sold value.


Regarding installation, keep a minimum of 15mm free space around the walls and we advise you to cut the wood on a 45 degree angle, this way the boards are easy to install at the wall as it will give a little more expansion rate if necessary.

We advise any buyer to have a few products as spare, in case one wants to replace a board, to colors will match more than when new boards are ordered or replaced by us.

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