Wood Floor Thailand

If you are looking for wood flooring that is durable and stable regardless of humidity changes, you can now get the perfect engineered wood floor Thailand! Arrow Wood engineered hardwood flooring is now available in Thailand through Arrow Action Ltd. – located next to the Arrow Wood Factory in Thailand.


Engineered Wood Flooring ThailandArrow Action was founded due to the rising need for engineered wooden flooring in Thailand. Arrow Action and Arrow Wood are closely working together in order to deliver the best engineered wood flooring for the Thai market. Arrow Action offers wooden floors with a variety of characteristics such as fungal resistance, termite resistance, and water resistance – the ideal Thai wooden floor. Wood flooring ofered by Arrow Action is not prone to warp from humidity changes as solid wood flooring would do! You can install any floor provided by Arrow Action in Thailand without having to worry about the tropical climate ruining your Thai wooden floor.


Wood Floor ThailandEngineered hardwood flooring offered by Arrow Action is the preferred choice for Thai wooden floors. It can also be used as wooden wall and ceiling panels, and even for bathroom floors and walls!

Wood has been the traditional material to build homes in Thailand, but it can be a real challenge to have a wooden floor with a smooth surface in Thailand. This is due to the high humidity and temperature in Thailand, which causes solid wood flooring to warp and bend over time. Engineered hardwood flooring offered by Arrow Action in Thailand does not share the negative characteristics of solid wood flooring thanks to its design.

Our Thai wooden floors have a plywood bottom layer consisting of several layers of thin wood sheets. Each sheet is stacked in a 90 degree angle to the grain of the sheet below it, resulting in an engineered wood floor Thailand that is rigid and durable. All layers are bonded together by a strong glue, making it nearly impossible for engineered wood flooring to expand or contract, regardless of the temperature or humidity in Thailand.

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