Engineered Tauari Wood Flooring

Engineered Tauari Flooring summary; This wood is medium hard and is a wood that is to be compared with oak wood. It is medium expressive and easy to white wash.Engineered Tauari Flooring has no visible sap wood and has a nice strong grain comparable with that of USA oak.




Tauari as a nice wood to have colors that are comparable with oak timber and teak. As we found this lumber more stylish that oak, we sell it only in grade A. You can use Tauari because you like it but you can definitely use it as a substitute for grade A oak and teak wood. Both these timber is not easy to get in a grade A and when you found it, the price tag to it is very high. Also here Tauari will help by having a quite lower pricing.

The colors of Tauari are expressed different regarding the coatings that are used. So will oxidative oils and PU oil bring out the brow and darker brown colors the most. PU lacquer will let Tauari appears to be more moderate brown to light brown.

For sure one of the delicate coatings are the white wash on Tauari, like oak wood, it is very nice to treat it like this.

Tauari strong  78%
Reference soft wood like pine and spruce, strong  50%

The advise is to use oil coating and not the top coat oil with Tauari. It looks very nice in white wash and PU lacquer will make the colors more soft.



  • Can use on floor heating.
  • Can color nice with oxidative oil.
  • Can not use top coat protection.
  • Can not be in a smoked design.
  • PU lacquer will enhance strength of the top
  • Little harder than oak wood
  • Tauari has no sap wood (light color)
  • Sap wood not need color.
  • Keep up the maintenance protocols
  • The wood has a strong grain
  • Available in grade A
  • Harvest in South America

A Tauari tree can be up to 50 meter high. The lower grade wood, with eyes and defects are to be used in all kind of construction purposes. The grade A wood is used for furniture flooring and veneer industry.

Tauari is a nice lumber which can be modified by different color techniques. It’s light brown, caramel color and many straight and telescopic grain makes is very suitable for production of furniture.

When wood works are done on Tauari, a very typical smell comes from the wood and is often defined as the odor of cooked potatoes.

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