Wooden Stair Steps

Wooden stair steps summary: wooden stairs are a very nice combination with wooden floors. Since we produce flooring is seems logical that we offer our clients components to built a wooden stair. Skirting, nose, steps and headboards. Regarding wooden stair steps you can choose a solid wood one or an engineered wooden stair step. You have the option to have the same wood and coating idea for your floor as well for the stair.


Stairs can be a center point in the interior design. What we see more and more is that a wooden floor will be connect in the design together with the looks of the stairs. Often, the same wood and coating design is chosen for the wooden floors as well the stairs. Than in the same line one can choose also a perfect contrast to enhance the look of the stairs.

In principle there are 4 components as a base to build stair steps:
– The wooden stair steps it self.(see A in the picture)
– head or kick board. (see B in the picture)
– Skirting to cover edges.
– A nose to be placed in front of the stair step.

To setup the wooden stair steps you can either choose a full solid stair step or an engineered stair step. Beside the cost, it depends if you look the step from how many sides. If you see top and down part as you see an example under, solid steps are a logic choice. If you look the step only from the top, than an engineered board will do a great job.

The advantage of an engineered piece is that the bigger width that comes with it is much more stable than a full solid one. The crossed layered plywood in combination with water resistant glue makes it a stable piece of wood.

Regarding the nose of the wooden stair steps. We can produce many kind of noses than can be fit permanent to the engineered board to make it a decent, rich looking piece. A nose can be 2x5cm or 2×7 or 2×10 or up to your idea. Rounded or straight edged or a specific profile can be setup.

The kick board, or stand up piece, can also be made out of solid or engineered wood. Most of the time, here engineered calibrated boards are used like a 14mm tick one (2mm wood layer + 12mm plywood) or a thicker one: 4+15mm.

The skirting boards to cover edges or the plywood parts from the engineered wood. Can be made by the specifications required.







These wooden stair steps are vise able from all sides. Solid steps is a very good choice here although stability might be a factor to choose otherwise. An alternative is to use engineered steps, on all sides glued in with wood. The question will be if that really looks nice because one can see the little joints. If stability is an issue, one can also let the steps be made out of smaller wooden strips composed together to a big one.




Engineered wooden stair steps are very good to use as long we see the top and one or side. You really have to study the whole to figure out if it is solid or engineered wood. Fact is that the wood will hardly work or deform so it will have a straight look and you safe quite some money as well.

Engineered wooden stair steps van be made out of 1 piece in a width until 33 cm wide, we can do wider but that is not a regular job. Standard maximum length is 2,40m1 long but sometimes we can do near 3 m1 on request.

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