Unfinished Engineered Oak Wood Flooring

We have produced countless variations of Engineered Oak Wood Flooring, but all of them started out being Unfinished Engineered Oak Wood Flooring.


On this page we will give you all the details regarding our unfinished oak wood flooring. Unfinished wooden floor comes with the lowest price tag, but we do recommend having a look at our Basic Colors and Special Designs. You may just find the wood flooring of your dreams – ready made by us!

Roughly cut oak timber boards


We produce our unfinished engineered oak wood flooring in 2 different thicknesses. On the lighter flooring combine 12mm plywood with a 2mm real wood layer (14mm flooring). This flooring fits a lower budget and it is commonly used for the walls or ceiling as well. Our other main product is 15mm plywood combined with a 4mm real wood layer (19mm flooring)

Aligned oak wood boards ready for cutting


We will produce unfinished engineered oak wood flooring in the width that you desire. We do have standard width but we will meet your needs a close as we can. The most commonly used width of our engineered flooring is around 18 cm but we start at 10 cm and we go up to 35 cm width. On the length we usually agree on an average number with our customers. For example length between 130 cm and 180 cm.

Aligned oak wood board being cut into lamella slices


The grading of the wood determines how many knots or other irregularities are present in the wood. The highest most perfect grading is A grade. The availability of the grade that you prefer depends on the width and the kind of wood that you have in mind. To find out more about the grading of wood, please follow this link.

Oak wood lamella ready to glue on plywood


Some of our customers prefer to order their flooring raw and unfinished from us. If you have experience with treating and finishing hardwood, that’s no problem. We recommend though that order your flooring with a professional finish, applied by us. That way you will be able to enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Unfinished Engineered Oak Wood Flooring


We will help you to choose the right cleaning and care products to make sure that your Unfinished Engineered Oak Wood Flooring ends up looking wonderful and perfect for a very long time. We do offer nearly carefree finishes for our flooring so you can have the least amount of work, taking care of the flooring.

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