Generally wood is a very decorative and nice to look at material. It looks natural but can look modern. There are so many things you can do with wood when it comes to appearance and finish. There are ways to make a narrow floor plank looks nice, but the real beauty and delicacy starts to show when you are looking at a wide wood flooring plank, this we can let it look amazing. With Wide Plank Oak Flooring, the quality of the total appearance of your wood flooring will increase with every inch that the planks get wider.

For a producer like us it is a big challenge to produce Wide Plank Oak Flooringor other wide flooring planks for a few reasons. It starts with getting raw material that allows us to cut out a wide plank that has no cracks. Controlling the shape of a wide plank gets more difficult looking at moisture fluctuations and natural warping. These characteristics of the hardwood can cause quite negative side effects that challenge the producer. Cutting out wide planks from raw material always creates more waste wood as well. Due to the size that oak trees get felled at, the amount of wide planks that you can get out of 1 tree is limited as well.

We at Arrow Wood came up with solutions to produce wide planks up to 33 cm width on engineered flooring wide plank oak flooring. On that plank width we will only use the 15mm plywood to glue the real wood top layer on. That plywood thickness is resistant to any possible movement or warping of the real wood layer. The real wood layer has a thickness of 3,5 mm which will give you the end result that you expect: a stable and beautiful floor that will make you happy every day for a long time.

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