What is Smoked Engineered Oak Wood Flooring?

The production of smoked oak wood flooring takes place with an agent that reacts with the tannic acid naturally occurring in the Oak wood. The chemical reaction in this treatment results in a color change of the treated wood surface. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, the color of the smoked Oak flooring can be changed from light to dark brown. We would like to point out, that the sapwood contains little or no tannic acid. That means, that the coloration might be less noticeable in these areas of the wood. Smoking gives Oak wood a natural looking color change.
European Oak -BC- Carbonized Smoke Naturel 18cm European Oak -BC- Medium Smoke Natural 18cm

Smoked Look with Stained Oil and Real Smoked Wood

We at Arrow Wood are also able to treat Oak wood with a stained oil, to make it look like it has been smoked. The real smoking process will give the wood a more naturally darkened effect then the stained oil version.

Smoking the Oak engineered flooring gives it a look like old massive Oak flooring, just that you can choose the width in this case.

Single Smoked

The single smoke process gives the Oak flooring a light brown color. Single smoking adds extra character to your Oak flooring and can nicely be combined with white or grey finishing oils. To give the smoked flooring an extra effect, we can brush it as well.

Double Smoked

Double smoking gives the Oak flooring a dark brown finish. It will look like it has naturally aged many years. Double smoking is also a nice base to apply further effects like soft grey and soft white.

Carbonized Smoked

To give the Oak flooring an even more dark effect we can carbonize the wood for you. The lines of the wood are getting dark brown to black by this process. A transparent oil with bring out the dark brown in the wood, while a grey or white oil will give the oil a black accent. This is a very special floor.

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