Oak flooring old look

Distressed oak wood floors

Summary: Our designs are quite wide is range based on the use of different production techniques. Old oak floors or distressed wooden floors are quite e big range of old wooden floors. The oak flooring old look options will guide you trough each technique so you can decide which old wooden floor idea matches with your prospective.

Distressed oak Floors

As the demands for old wood is high, we found, out during the years, that the volume as well the remaining quality of original old wood is most of the time poor. Therefore Arrow Wood develops different kind of techniques to make wood flooring look old or, as some call it, make distressed wooden floors. On this page we are going to guide you trough each technique and sow you designs to it. You will see than many things are possible with Oak Flooring old look designs.

Oak flooring old look mechanical distressed.

oak flooring old look by chemical modification

Old look oak wood or distressed oak flooring can be made either by mechanical modification or by chemical modification or combination of both.

Here you will see some of our designs in chemical modification. These techniques rough up the surface and creates a color that is coming from the wood itself. Since that is the case, you end up with a nice color pallet from nature with all it’s little color twists towards a natural appearance. On to of this base technique we can drift the design towards a specific tone like white, grey or others by a support color. Finally we will protect the setup with our polymer top coat to make it user friendly. In the pictures you can also see what we can do with metals like aluminum and bronze. You can call them metallic designs and gives a special touch to the interior during the light use at night time.

Oak flooring old look chemical distressed

Oak flooring old look by smoking processes

Distressed oak floors can be made by apply chemicals in different ways, liquid or real smoke. Call it fumigation, the reaction time is a critical parameter to the outcome. As for all chemical modification counts, you will be a name spectrum of near the same colors and a great looking floors with a natural touch. If you combine the smoking with brushing techniques than we get more intensity of colors and a really nice looking surface with an old look.

Also this technique can be combined with color oil additions to move the design a little towards another base tone and you can protect this also by polymer top coat. For your reference, we add two pictures of oil designs into the gallery under, so you are able to see oil and modification next to each other.

Oak flooring old look smoked designs.

The more difficult task for a designer is to bring the concept to the one who choose to decorate her or his house. A few points we have to let you understand. Read this under the tab: colors from nature mean what?

Information, click on the tabs to open them.


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Colors from nature mean what?

1. Modifications give colors from the wood itself, you cannot predict the outcome full. So multiple colors can appear within a certain range. That is why you always should look at multiple planks and never ever focus on one or more little samples. The reality shows you a pallet from nature and that is more than just one or two tones.

2. A tree is built out of heart, inner sap and outer sapwood. The last one is not used. Heart wood and inner sap can change colors due to oils and pigments and liquid modifications. If we smoke the sapwood will be more light, you can have light and dark tones, like walnut. That is why a lot of designers want to smoke oak wood with sap and let it be a look-a-like of walnut. If you do not want these color differences, maybe stay with base oils or pigments.

3. The surface of wooden flooring will get that grip form real wood, it can have more open texture, like it is brushed a very little. That is why modifications makes wood so real, although it is modified. After lacquer or top coat, you will get a much more smooth surface but it will still feels and looks like it is treated with a smart texture to it.

So quite a lot of options, modify or not or use a base oil technique, in the end of the day you will decide which design fit the best with your idea of the interior.

The ideas present to you in the pictures above have a specific impact to the interior of the area you put it in. Some will look amazing in commercial areas like clothing outlets and you will never predict this fits into a home style. On the other hand, it can be other way around as well. Look in our gallery, you will see there quite some project examples and might help you with the idea you never had or confirm what you already know.

Regarding coatings, any design can be coat by a polymer top coat and most of them can be protect by poly urethane lacquer.

Surface distress techniques

Surface distress techniques.

In principle Arrow Wood uses 3 kind of techniques.

1. Hand scrapped designs. You see them in the first gallery. It is a kind of snake skin feeling where the top of the wood and down part of the wood have their accent. Since light will break on the edges, you get a light and shadow spectrum that enhance due to light or in some case make tones mat and stronger due to the shades. The top parts should be wide otherwise the coating will wear of quickly.

2. Distressed designs, you see this also in the first gallery on this page. Click on it and it will enlarge. You will see here a typical mechanical stress brought to the design. The surface is treated with heavy impact and make it look old, used and therefore many years old looking. Second is that the design looks more aged due to some chemicals we use to change the base tone of the woods.

3. Brushing. You will see this in the smoke gallery. Enlarge the pictures by click on it and you will see a fine rupture where the soft parts are taken out of the wood and the grain enhanced. The surface looks more open en become a real natural appearance.

Although it is not sold a lot, but imagine you combine techniques like 2+3 and you can really make something special.

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