Fish Bone Oak Parquet Floor

Our Fish Bone Oak Parquet Floor is a truly unique wood flooring. It is usually hard to find parquet style engineered flooring. We at Arrow Wood are able to help you create the look of a solid parquet flooring, at the cost of engineered flooring. Herring bone floor are normally smaller pieces of wood while whale bone flooring uses big width flooring.



When you look at pattern oak wood flooring, there are basically 2 different kinds. The first kind are the classic patterns that use rather small wood pieces, The second kind are the modern patterns that use much longer and wider pieces to make pattern designs.

Fish Bone Oak Parquet Floor is a very classic pattern, that normally uses 8cm wide and 35cm long wood pieces. We offer you to produce that same pattern but in a modern style and much bigger, 18cm wide and 85cm long. With engineered flooring the possibilities are nearly endless patterns, just like with solid wood flooring.

Most parquet flooring is bound to having to use small solid wood. The advantage of creating a parquet pattern with large pieces of engineered flooring is that you get a much better look at the beauty of the wood grain. We can help you to create a flooring with the classic look of a parquet flooring, but with the modern touch and beauty of a wide plank engineered floor.

Please feel free to contact and ask us about the pattern that you have in mind for your new Fish Bone Oak Parquet Floor. With Arrow Wood you have the possibility to even mix different hardwoods together and create a multi hardwood pattern. We have been specializing in manufacturing the wider plank patterns that have the modern look to it, but we can certainly create a small pattern oak wood flooring for you as well. At the end it is up to you, our customer!

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