Fine Line Oak Flooring

Our fine line oak flooring has gained a lot of popularity since its introduction in 2004. Many wood flooring producers started producing fine line flooring from Bamboo wood, but with the introduction of fine line oak flooring this flooring style received the recognition it truly deserves.

Fine Line Oak FlooringWe came out with a few variations of this kind of look, due to the feedback of our customers, after we introduced this wood flooring design back in 2004. It is really a classic wood flooring design now, but it did not lose any of it’s modern look. In many cases our customers like to use the fine line oak flooring for the walls or ceiling because of it’s clean and linear look. Fine Line Oak Flooring is a great alternative for quarter-sawn flooring.


Fine Line Flooring automatically has a high wood grading because there are no knots or eyes in fine line flooring. That’s why fine line instantly has a high end and expensive look to it. Finish wise the same things are possible with fine line. You can choose between various color effects and top coats. That makes fine line the most individual wood flooring possible.

European Oak Wood Bamboo Look -AB- Medium Smoke Top Coat 18cm Wide BoardsEuropean Oak Wood Flooring Bamboo Look -AB- Medium Smoke Top Coat 18cm

We produce fine line oak flooring in 3 different basic styles and in 2 basic line widths. The 3 basic styles are Oak wood fine line, mixed red wood fine line, and Acacia fine line. The 2 different line widths are 3 mm on the standard fine line, and 10 mm on the wide fine line. This kind of flooring design offers great stability because of it’s cross grain construction. Fine line is the most resistant flooring design for shrinkage, expansion or warping.

European Oak Wood Flooring Bamboo Look White 50European Oak Wood Bamboo Look Engineered Flooring White

Our Acacia fine line has gained great popularity because it gives a nice solution to the color difference in Acacia, that most people really like, while the way it occurs naturally is disturbing to some people. No other wood pattern lets you be more creative and individual when it comes to the look and style you can create with it in interior design.

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