American Oak Flooring

American oak Flooring summary; This wood is medium hard and is a wood that is to be compared with Tauari and is a little stronger than European oak. It has that special telescopic grain that makes American oak flooring so famous. It has sap wood and a brown, yellow and sometimes a little touch of very soft red inside.


American Oak has been one of the most popular choices when it comes to durable flooring and furniture. That is because oak is one of the toughest wood species that you can find within the oak family. The oak tree has to gain a certain age before it can be felled and harvested. That age is nothing compared to the age that it could gain, which is hundreds of years. The popularity and longevity of the oak tree lets companies all over the world use it as company logo.

American Oak Flooring has more strength and hardness, that it was commonly used for ship building and heavy construction. The naturally occurring high content of tannic acid in oak makes it resistant to fungal and bacterial attacks. After the industrial revolution oak gained popularity in interior design. American Oak Flooring is the perfect option, no matter if you look for a modern or a traditional look.

Oak has such a wide naturally occurring color range that you can be sure to find flooring offered in light and grey tones, but also in honey colors or brown. The main production centers for American oak flooring are in North America. If you decide to buy an oak floor, you will mostly be left to choose between American oak and European oak. Just like most other woods, both American oak and European oak give you a lot of grades and colors to choose from. Both oak can be modified and colored as you can see in our color gallery and project gallery. See at the site of this page on the LCD screen, click on them to see it.


American oak flooring, you have it in red oak or white oak. Near all designs you see with European oak can be made with American oak. Only white wash on white oak looks better than on red oak


Red oak is definitely more red is one keep this wood in it’s natural color. White oak, as it is called but is not that white!, has some different characteristics if we compare it with European oak. USA oak is a little more stronger, the grains are larger and more telescopic in shape. European oak has more small string shaped patterns and the color is more brown yellow.



  • Can use on floor heating.
  • Can color nice with oxidative oil.
  • Can use top coat protection.
  • Can be in a smoked design, looks like walnut.
  • PU lacquer will enhance strength of the top
  • Little harder than oak wood
  • USA oak has sap wood (light color)
  • Sap wood can be camouflaged.
  • Keep up the maintenance protocols
  • The wood has a brown, yellow and slight red color
  • Available in all grades
  • Harvest in North America
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