Kelat Engineered Hardwood Flooring summary; This hard and is a wood that is to be compared red color timber but more diverse in the amount of red, brown and some yellow tones. It is very expressive and give you a real Bali style feeling. Kelat Engineered Hardwood Flooring has sap wood but not easy vise able and a strong grain.

Kelat Flooring

Kelat is strong and can handle a heavy traffic. Due to it’s multi color appearance in red, brown and some yellow tones it is a floor that gives you a typical Asian expression but one that not to be kept very smooth and neat. It is great for commercial uses as well since the appearance and hardness will not ask for much care.

Kelat can be colored to get more balance in the wood if one wishes. The grades are AB or ABC mix, BC is not available.

Kelat is nice when treated with PU lacquer, oxidative natural oil or modified with a little color in it and can be sealed with our special polymer top coat, so it is protect against dirt and water.

Kelat strong 9,0
Reference soft wood like pine and spruce, strong 5.0

We advise to coat Kelat with a soft red coating to camouflage the difference in colors to give it a better balance. Still one will see the darker and lighter colors but it is more narrowed.

Kelat wood is used a lot in construction, ship construction and outside decking. For outside use Kelat is a moderate kind of timber but not easy to nail due to it’s strength.

As flooring it can be used with floor heating but the advise is to not use a top layer that is more thick than 2,5mm. So Arrow Wood can produce a 2,5+15mm kelat engineered hardwood flooring to realize this.

Facts about Kelat engineered hardwood flooring

  • Can use on floor heating as thin wood.
  • Can color nice with oxidative oil.
  • Can use top coat protection.
  • Can not be in a smoked design.
  • PU lacquer will not enhance strength of the top
  • Harder than oak wood
  • Kelat has sap wood (light color)
  • Sap wood not need color.
  • Keep up the maintenance protocols
  • The wood has a strong color and grain
  • Available in AB, ABC grades
  • Harvest in Malay and Indo

Information about Kelat wood floors


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Facts about Kelat timber.

Kelat lumber is harvest in Malay and Indo, it is used in furniture industry since it can be treated to have that typical Asian red color.

In outdoor use we find it as rail way sleepers or outside deckings. In construction it is good to use for poles and stands due to it’s hardness. Side effect is that one can not nail it easy, it can split.

Also bridges and tram ways projects uses Kelat and we find it on ships.

A wood with a high strength and there for to be found in different kind of constructions or in flooring.

In Asia, we fin Kelat under the sames:

as Ubah (Brunei); Plong and Tram (Cambodia); Olala (Fiji); Jaman (India); Duhat, Jambu laut, Ki tembaga and Salam (Indonesia); Va kaew (Laos); Thabye and Thabye-gui (Myanmar); Water gum (Papua New Guinea); Binolan, Makassim, Mariig and Mekasim (Philippines); Asi (Samoa Islands); Batadomba and Madan (Sri Lanka); Daeng, Dang Khao, Mao and Wa (Thailand); and Plong and Tram (Vietnam)

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