Acacia Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Acacia Engineered Hardwood Flooring summary; This wood is medium hard and is a wood that is to be compared with walnut or other nut wood. It is very expressive and easy to color. Like nut wood, Acacia Engineered Hardwood Flooring has sap wood and a strong grain.


Acacia wood is especially prized for flooring, because of its durability, lustrous finish, and varied shades. The wood for our Acacia flooring is being sourced directly from Thailand, as the Asian variant comes with a warm walnut tone. The source of the Acacia wood also enables us to offer engineered Acacia wood flooring for a nice price in Thailand. Due to the small diameter of Acacia trees, we are able to produce engineered wood flooring from Acacia with a maximum width of 23cm (upon special request), with the standard width being 18cm those are exceptional, more common is a 15cm floor.

The hardness of Acacia is similar to walnuts, and our engineered Acacia wood flooring boards can be made to look or get the idea of a Walnut wood flooring!

Acacia (jumturi) strong 65%
Reference soft wood like pine and spruce, strong 50%

We developed a technique using a reagent to turn Acacia wood into deeper warm brown tones like nut trees, giving the wood an even more intense look while removing the soft reddish tones. Acacia wood has warm colors between light and dark brown with white hard sapwood. Acacia is perfectly suited to be treated with oil colors. Everything, from a dark wenge color to whitewash color is possible.

If the white sapwood is not desired we recommend to buy a few extra square meters, so you can cut out the pieces that have too much sapwood for your taste. Acacia is not an expensive wood species. Walnut flooring cost about twice as much as Acacia flooring, making Acacia wood the perfect alternative to Walnut wood.



Can use on floor heating.

Can color nice with oxidative oil.

Can use top coat protection.

Can be in a smoked design, looks like walnut.

PU lacquer will enhance strength of the top

Less harder than oak wood

Acacia has sap wood (light color wood)

Have sap wood but can be camouflaged.

Keep up the maintenance protocols

The wood has a strong color and grain character

Available in all grades

Harvest in Thailand

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