Engineered wood Floor Factory

You can buy a European quality and special designed wood floor for an Asian price!

We are an engineered wood floor factory in Thailand in cooperation with Dutch management en engineering skills. We use around 20 kinds of wood like, Oak, Ash, maple, teak, Curupixa, Jatoba, Sucupira, Tauari, Kelat, Acacia, Merbau,Ivory Beech, Steamed Beech, Ipe, Teak in total of more than 200 designs!

engineered wood floor factory products

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Long Life engineered wood

As an engineered wood floor factory we produce Long Life Engineered wooden floors, these are made from a wooden top layer and a plywood under layer. This group of products has a wooden top sheet of 4mm and the plywood is 15mm thick. The total product is around 19mm. This construction is glued waterproof and we produce this up to a width of 30 cm easy and with great stability. The products can be treat against termites if your area requires this.

Smartlife engineered wood

As an engineered wood floor factory we produce Smart Life engineered wooden flooring, these represent a group of 14mm thick products. For export we produce a 2,5 or 1,5mm top layer on 12mm plywood. For domestic sales we produce 2+12mm. The maximum width is 21cm wide. This product group is glued waterproof and can be treated against termites on request.

Solid life, Massive wood

As an engineered wood floor factory we produce, off course, a massive wood floor, this is produced in thickness of 20mm and the width is up to your requirements and can be up to 35cm wide. Beside massive wood floors, we produce massive wood for many other interior purposes as well.

Stair steps

Stair steps can be made from engineered wood out of 1 piece, for example 33cm wide. We can also make them from massive wood. Different options are possible, straight, curved, with a front nose. Just let us know the design and we will produce it.

Skirting, wall & ceiling boards

For ceiling – and wall boards, we can produce a 10mm engineered plank. The top layer is 2mm and the plywood is 8mm. This way you will have a light weight construction to it with a perfect real nature look due to the real wood that is used.

Regarding skirting boards, we produce them from massive wood, lay down (25x9mm) or stand up ones (50x18mm and 70x18mm or 100x18mm. If you need another spec, that is,off course, also an option.

What kind of coatings do we use

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Oxidative oils

Oxidative oils floors wood floors is a nice way to protect and color your floor. The oils reacts with oxygen to create a permanent bounding with wood. If you put more oil to it, it cannot reacts since there is no wood left. Imagine you scratch the floor, wood is there again, you use oil and it reacts only with wood and not with the surroundings, job done!. This is much different than impregnation oils or base wax oils.

Polymer top coat oil base

Latest technology and designed by Arrow Wood and sold under the brand name: Sparky. It is a coating that will be applied on top of other oils and color techniques. Oxidative oil and impregnation oils leave wood pores open. Our polymer top coat seals them off and protect the design against water and dirt. It creates a spotless system. This is excellent to use in kitchens.

Poly-urethane 2K

The world of lacquer has many options. If we consider, penetration in wood and scratch resistant, a polyurethane
based on 2 components is far more the strongest way to protect wood. Not UV (low penetration) or water based can compete. This lacquer is most used for commercial projects due to it’s outstanding performance.

Engineered wood floor factory designs

Arrow Wood for you

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Engineered wood floor factory projects

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The Book contain floor board pieces made from different wood using various finishing types, for companies only.

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